Composer Louis Mander Interprets Tudor Era Through Modern Ears

Flying Dutchman Films has commissioned Louis Mander to compose the soundtrack for the short I Am Henry, written and directed by Jan Hendrik Verstraten.

Described as “a young, preposterously talented composer” by actor and writer Stephen Fry, Mander, a former student of the Royal College of Music, is making a name for himself on the international stage as an opera and film composer.

lOUIS 3For ‘I Am Henry,’ Mander interprets the Tudor era through modern ears, letting the inspiration of the story guide him in a form of meditation from which flows the notes.

“I was taken up with the heartfelt failed endeavours of Henry VIII in his quest to provide an heir, and the women whom had touched his heart in spite of his cruelty.” (Mander)

The score uses the classical guitar, or lute to display Henry’s passionate side, recorder and organ transitions, and atmospheric choral and religious tones.

“As the music matures in style, we feel the culmination of his life and awakening spiritual consciousness.” (Mander)

The soundtrack to a film is a crucial element in building a strong emotional connection with the audience. As the sample suggests, Mander has done an incredible job in setting the tone for ‘I Am Henry,’ and has gone on to win the award for Best Original Score at the Los Angeles Cinema of Hollywood Festival, Winter 2016.

Image credit: Louis Mander

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