I Am Henry – An Award-Winning Cast


Sebastian Street – King Henry VIII

Sebastian Street (centre left) got his black belt in karate at the age of 15. He began acting during the last year of an engineering degree at Imperial College in London, when a director friend asked him to play a small role in his film. He gained a scholarship to a London drama school, where he studied and performed many theatre classics, including work by Brecht, Checkoff and Shakespeare.

Over the next few years he became a familiar face in the British independent film scene and in 2013 began working on the feature film ‘Tomorrow’. The script made its way into the hands of Martin Scorsese who signed on to produce alongside the team. The film is due for release, with Sebastian leading the cast in the role of an injured veteran returning from Afghanistan.

He accepted the role of Henry VIII immediately after a flight back from Cannes to promote his film, and gives a polished and emotional performance as the King which won him the Best Actor award at the Los Angeles Cinema of Hollywood Festival, Winter 2016.

Fleur Keith – Anne Boleyn

Fleur Keith (centre right) trained at ArtsEd School of Acting, where she was nominated for the Spotlight Prize. Her professional debut was playing Anne Boleyn in new play ‘Fallen in Love’ (Red Rose Chain/Camden Roundhouse).

Her television credits include ‘The Night Manager’ (BBC/AMC) which stars Tom Hiddleston and will be broadcast in the UK and US in 2016, ‘The Missing’ (Channel 4), ‘Henry and Anne’ (Channel 5) and popular British soap ‘Emmerdale’ (ITV). Her other work includes theatre, voice-overs and short films.

Fleur is currently in rehearsals for ‘Waste’ at the National Theatre in London, directed by Roger Michell (Notting Hill). Her acting talent and flawless delivery shone through at the auditions. She is also a mezzo-soprano, and gets to sing a 16th century French song in the film. Fleur says: “There have been many interpretations of Henry VIII, but as far as I am aware, none have taken place after his death. I found it fascinating hearing Anne’s voice and what she had to say to Henry. This battle between emotions is really interesting to play as an actor.”

Fleur has won two awards for her portrayal of Anne in I AM HENRY including the Best Actress award at the Los Angeles Cinema of Hollywood Festival, Winter 2016, and an Award of Excellence in the Accolade Global Film Competition.

Maria de Lima – Catherine of Aragon

Maria de Lima (left) is a London based award-winning actress. Her work spans film, TV and stage. Maria’s most recent credits include the highly acclaimed and sell-out play ‘Entredentes’ (Dir: Gerald Thomas) and the independent feature, ‘Impirioso’ (Dir: Sarah Baker). She is best  known for her TV roles in the Portuguese Golden Globe top-rating TV shows ‘Grande Noite’ (prime time Latin TV comedy), for ‘Tita’ in the hugely successful Portuguese version of ‘Yes Prime Minister’, and ‘O Quadro Roubado’ (awarded Best Actress SE7E Awards).

Maria has appeared in numerous TV productions including in the UK, where she has also performed in leading roles at prestigious theatres such as The Almeida (Blood Wedding), The Pleasance (Gargoyles and Throats), The Nuffield (The Seduction of Anne Boleyn) and The Orange Tree (Ay Federico). She was also awarded Best Comedy Actress on Stage in 1995 in Portugal’s ‘A Capital’ Awards.

Maria gives an engaging performance as the ghost of Catherine of Aragon in ‘I Am Henry’ – a role she relished. She says: “I had played Catherine on stage before, but with this script, I felt the need to research deeper into the character’s internal life so as to be able to achieve the level of intimacy the script required.”

George Johnston – The Duke of Cornwall

George Johnston (right) trained at the Drama Centre, London. He was born and raised in West London, before obtaining a BA degree in History and English Literature from Cambridge University and subsequently training to be an actor. He has since featured in several films, including ‘Perfect Break’ and ‘Shells’.

Of British/German descent, George has a fluency in French and German as well as English, his mother tongue.

About ‘I Am Henry’ George says: “I loved the sense of regret that permeates the script. There was a real emotional charge to it as well as authentic historical accuracy and details. I found this combination particularly intriguing. “

George recently played Dick Burbage in ‘Shakespeare’s Sister’ at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket – London’s oldest and most loved theatre.

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