Jan Hendrik Verstraten



“My passion for independent film started in New York when I studied at the New School. I loved the 16 mm art of filmmaking, and was lucky enough to sell my first short to the PBS channel in New York, Channel Thirteen.

After being involved in several creative businesses around the world, I returned to film when I moved to London.

It was in London I initially focused on screenwriting. I’ve won numerous awards and learned to respect the craft and the challenge of telling a good story. With the award-winning short I Am Henry I returned to film.

Right now, we’re in pre-production with Thessalus & Medea, the second short film after I Am Henry.

Besides making films,  I am the co-founder and director of the New Renaissance Film Festival which has two successful festivals each year. In March we are in Amsterdam and in August we are in London. Both festivals are great fun and celebrate the talent and work of indie filmmakers around the world”


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