Official Selection Into III Festival Cinemistica 2016





Official Selection into Granada’s III Festival Cinemistica 2016


I AM HENRY has been Officially Selected into the III Festival Cinemistica 2016, which takes place in Granada, Spain, between November 18 – December 17. This will be I AM HENRY’s sixth international film festival.

Cinemistica received more than 3,000 entries from 46 countries and so Flying Dutchman Films is greatly honoured to be featured in this year’s line-up.

What makes this festival particularly special is that it takes place in Spain, the country of Queen Catherine of Aragon who is featured in the short.


Cinemistica has a distinct tradition of showcasing films that have a philosophical, psychological, anthropological, spiritual and poetic viewpoint. This is perfect for I AM HENRY, which is an emotional drama set after Henry VIII’s death.

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Stream I Am Henry NOW on Vimeo on Demand


I AM HENRY can now be watched on Vimeo On Demand for a small fee. Written and directed by Jan Hendrik Verstraten, this historical short is beautifully acted by Sebastian Street (Henry), Fleur Keith (Anne Boleyn), Maria de Lima (Catherine of Aragon) and George Johnston (Henry’s son). The Rembrandt-inspired cinematography is by Simon Rowling.

Click here to watch the film on Vimeo.

The first in a series, I AM HENRY has won 13 international film festival awards, to date, and been screened on three continents. The film has also received excellent reviews from ‘The Telegraph’ and several Tudor historians. I AM HENRY is essential viewing for fans of period drama.

Click here for general information about the film.

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