The Trap

A psychic young woman realising her lodger is a murderer, vows to bring him to justice.

Genre: Thriller

Quarter Finalist, Creative World Awards Screenwriting Competition 2014

The Big Bear Lake International Film Festival 2014 said this about The Trap:

The Trap“The reader was taken  in from the first page with the mysterious main character and her odd, curious behaviors. The script is visual, clear, and the continual character/story development is well paced and intriguing. It seems to be a psychological thriller. Very suspenseful.

Best aspect of the script: Every aspect is well done. The main character is somehow likable, sympathetic and, at the same time, possibly psychotic and dangerous. The characters that surround her are also enigmatic. The dialogue, in line with setting, mood, and story, is spare and to the point, revealing what needs to be revealed and move the plot forward.”