“I am Henry is quite brilliant!” says screenwriting expert

Lucy V Hay, novelist and professional script editor has praised ‘I Am Henry’ for its originality. Hay is one of the organisers of London Screenwriters’ Festival where she is the Head Reader for its many contests and initiatives.

“I Am Henry is essentially a two-hander between King Henry VIII and the spirit of his second wife Anne Boleyn, though Catherine, his first wife, and Henry the Duke of Cornwall, his dead son, also appear. The story is set in the crypt beneath Syon Monstery – more commonly known as ‘Syon Abbey.’ According to historical accounts, after King Henry VIII’s death on January 28th 1547, his body was taken on its final journey from the Palace of Whitehall to Windsor Castle for burial. En route the cortege rested overnight at Syon, where this Gothic tale begins. Legend has it that twelve years before Henry’s death, a Franciscan friar had preached before the King at Greenwich Palace that God’s judgments were ready to fall upon his head. The prophecy was said to have been fulfilled this night in the crypt. The monk who sits with Henry appears to be a manifestation of the friar or it could be the Grim reaper, St Peter or God himself.

There is a yearning quality to the narrative as Henry is confronted with his misdeeds, especially his betrayal of Anne. Though Henry insists he regrets nothing, we’re left uncertain this is actually the case. At its heart, the story of ‘I Am Henry’ is quite brilliant (in the truest sense of the word); it’s easily one of the best stories in a short film I have seen for a very long time.”

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