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I Am Henry


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In the hour of his death, King Henry VIII contemplates his life, loves and those he has wronged, wondering if he has earned his place at God’s table.

What the critics have said:

“A terrific short starring the talented Fleur Keith.”

Patrick Smith – Film Critic, The Telegraph

“The most innovative depiction of Henry VIII’s story that I have seen in a long time.”

Elizabeth Norton – British Historian and Tudor expert


Lucy Hay – Novelist and Screenwriting expert

“The acting is superb. I truly loved the film. It’s Powerful and Poignant.”

Claire Ridgway – Best-selling Author and founder of the ‘Anne Boleyn Files’ with 170k+ followers worldwide.

A personal message from the Director

“Since we began posting on social media back in September 2015, I AM HENRY has been screened at film festivals in the US, Spain, Japan and the UK, and won 12 awards so far! This is a great indication of the quality of this independent short, and the collective talent that went into making it a success.

We’ve been inundated with requests from around the world to see the film. Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to announce that I AM HENRY is now available to watch on AMAZON to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation (1517-2017), which changed church history and culture forever. 

We hope you love the film. 

Finally, we would like to thank you on behalf of the whole team for all the support and encouragement we have received and continue to receive, without which we could not do what we do.”

Jan Hendrik Verstraten

Writer-Director at Flying Dutchman Films

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