“My passion for independent film started in New York when I studied at the New School. I loved the 16 mm art of filmmaking and was lucky enough to sell my first short to the PBS channel in New York, Channel Thirteen. After being involved in several creative businesses around the world, I returned to film when I moved to London. It was in London I initially focused on screenwriting. I’ve won numerous awards and learned to respect the craft and the challenge of telling a good story. With the award-winning short I Am Henry I returned to film. It picked up 13 awards at festivals worldwide. Patrick Smith, a Film Critic at The Telegraph called it “A terrific short”. Thessalus & Medea is my second short film, which has won more than 20 awards to date.”

“I want to bring great stories to the screen that take the audience on a journey out of their everyday life, and inspire their imagination.” – Jan Hendrik Verstraten


“My collaboration with Jan Hendrik opens up lots of creative possibilities and adds an exciting dimension to the work that we do. As an artistic director and producer, I help to develop concepts for scripts, and ensure that every story we put out there is of the highest quality. I’m also a writer and author in my own right. In recent years, I’ve written extensively about the cultural impact of artificial intelligence, which was the inspiration behind the award-winning feature screenplay, ‘Computer Love’, which I helped Jan Hendrik to develop. I’m also the co-founder and Artistic Director of the New Renaissance Film Festival (NRFF), which for the past five years has provided a supportive platform for inspiring artists and storytellers from around the world to share their stories. The London METRO has described NRFF as one of the UK’s best film festivals.”

“Every story we put out there is of the highest quality.” – Massimo Barbato